Know the importance of hygiene in food

Properly washing fruits and vegetables is essential to avoid diseases

During these weeks that we are more time at home, we have been able to take the opportunity to prepare countless meals, experiment with new recipes, invent combinations and let our imagination run wild by finding new flavors.

The recommendation is that we eat more fruits and vegetables, preferably raw, to make the most of the nutrients and keep the immune system at optimal levels, thus avoiding various diseases. To obtain the best results, it is very important to pay special attention to the hygiene of our food.

Fruits and vegetables must be washed and in some cases disinfected, to avoid diseases that can be transmitted by not washing them properly, since many bacteria are found on the surfaces of food and by not washing them, we are giving them an unfiltered entry into our body, which can cause infectious diseases in the stomach, throat and even in the nervous system. Each food has different processes, the ideal is to use a brush to wash tubers and roots such as: potatoes, beets, carrots, etc., to ensure that we completely remove the soil that could have stuck and they are perfectly clean, even if the shell is to be removed.

Green leafy vegetables should be washed with a direct stream of water and then disinfected for 10 minutes in a container with bleach or a solution that eliminates the microorganisms that live in them.

All fruits, including those with hard skin, must also be washed to eliminate any bacteria or residue that is on their surface and may be toxic to humans, such as insecticides or substances for pest control, to which they could be exposed. .

In addition, it is advisable to use different sponges for washing fruits and vegetables, different from the one used for household dishes.

Another point on which we must focus our attention is on cross contamination. Cross contamination occurs when a food of animal origin is prepared and placed on a surface that can be the kitchen table, a table or container, since being raw it can have bacteria, which, although they die instantly After cooking, as it is still raw, you can leave them on the surface where we later place the vegetables with which the protein is to be served and pass these bacteria onto the food that we will eat raw.

Therefore, the recommendation is to use different utensils for foods of animal origin and wash them properly, before continuing to cook.

One of the main allies for cleaning food and kitchen utensils is the key that we use to wash them, which in addition to having design and colors that go with each style, allow us to keep everything clean and in order. One of the best options is Moen’s MotionSense Wave ™ technology faucets, which allow you to have your hands free when rinsing, without the need to touch the faucet or other surfaces, thus avoiding contaminating other foods as well.

There are several Moen models with this technology, one of them is the Spring Align Wave key that is designed to perfection.

Among its features you can find:

  • Single lever kitchen mixer with removable spring spray, high neck. 1 to 3 hole installation.
  • Available in a chrome and Spot Resist ™ finish that resists stains and splashes of water.
  • MotionSense Wave ™ technology offers hands-free comfort that allows you to activate the water flow with a simple movement of your hands.
  • Features Duralock ™ quick connect system for easy installation.
  • The removable faucet hose offers flexible water supply and the hose retracts easily.
  • Powerful rinse for deep cleaning; aerated jet for daily cleaning.
  • Limited lifetime warranty against leakage, dripping and manufacturing defect.

At this time we must take more care and hygiene with what we eat, having a faucet with MotionSense Wave ™ technology and the ease of removing the shower for better washing of food, is an advantage that we must take into account to keep everything clean and avoid disease.

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