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GB WhatsApp APK Download is an app that allows you to chat and share files with anyone in the world. It is considered one of the best apps for chatting because it encrypts all messages so no one can see them except for the intended recipient! This blog post will show you how to download GB WhatsApp on your phone, verify its authenticity, and also what features it offers.

GBWhatsapp APK Specifications

  • The latest versions available of GBWhatsApp APK are: 2.18 and 2.17
  • GBWhatsapp apk ++ is a modified version of WhatsApp by adding some advanced features such as Chat Mod, Hide Chats, Full-Screen Caller ID, etc… Now there is also an app called GBWhatsapp Plus which has almost all the features from GB Win & plus some new ones like Remove other’s Info, Calls Tracing, etc. but if you want to try out the full-screen caller id option then don’t download GBWhatsapp Plus because it won’t have that feature in it.

Download Latest Version of GB WhatsApp for Android

The prior versions are available as well, just in case you want to test them out before downloading the latest one. Here are some of the previous versions: v2.17,   2.16, etc…

GB WhatsApp Download

Verify the authenticity of the app

Another thing to look out for when downloading a WhatsApp APK file is that it’s not some malicious software that’ll infect your phone with viruses and malware! Verifying its authenticity can be done by looking at the file size and MD5 checksum values provided below. These values will ONLY match if you downloaded GBWhatsApp from this website and NOT a fake site!! Also, no one other than me (the developer) has access to these download links so rest assured that you’re getting the authentic version! 🙂

Install the app on your phone and enjoy chatting with friends

install the app on your phone, and start chatting with friends. GBWhatsapp has one feature which I love about it − full-screen caller ID! Yup, the message sender’s name shows up completely covering the rest of the messages sent to each other, so you can easily know who’s texting without even looking at the phone number itself.

GBWhatsapp APK Features

(1) Hide Chats: With this feature turned ON, no one will ever see what you have been typing or reading from others’ chats. This means that everything you type won’t be shown again when someone sends a message to you. This feature is similar to WhatsApp’s “Show Delivery Report” and “Last Seen” settings, but it has a few more options – CHAT WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED TO ANYBODY even the receiver!

(2) Full-Screen Caller ID: Now all you need is to look at your phone screen without having to scroll down to check who’s calling. All relevant information about the person who’s trying to reach you will be completely visible on your screen, including their photo and location if they’ve turned this option ON. You will also know their current battery status, with how many minutes and seconds before the call drops out (if they have that setting enabled).

(3) Block Ads – The ads shown in WhatsApp are very annoying, so you can permanently get rid of them by downloading GBWhatsApp. This will block any ad from showing on your phone screen while using WhatsApp Messenger.

Do NOT trust downloads from unofficial sources & links that you may find

So, while there are many other sites out there offering to download GBWhatsApp for free, I’d advise against using them as they might contain malware or viruses, or even a modified version of this app that’ll mess with your phone settings! One thing to remember is to never click on ads promising free Whatsapp+ because if it’s too good to be true then 99% probability it contains spyware.

GBWhatsapp has an active community forum on GBWhatsApp forum com where users share their experience and discuss the latest developments about this famous alternative for Whatsapp messenger. I’ve been using it for the last few months and I’m loving every bit of it! The chat screen is minimalistic enough to fit everything that matters and NOTHING else (unlike WhatsApp). It’s lightning-fast too so no problem getting bored while waiting for friends to reply to your chats.

Also, unlike the original Whatsapp APK file which requires an update every few weeks, GBWhatsApp is updated on a daily basis with new features and bug fixes so don’t worry about that! In my opinion, it’s definitely worth switching from WhatsApp Messenger if you’re not using GBWhatsapp yet (And the fact that it’s FREE doesn’t hurt)

The best part is that you don’t need to register or give any personal information!

you don’t need to register your number with it and there’s no online verification needed. But if you want to use its call features, you’ll have to add your phone number first. Once it’s added, GBWhatsApp will be able to show more information about the people calling you (like their profile photo) than the default Whatsapp APK file.

This makes GBWhatsapp a great app for privacy-conscious users as they can hide most of the personal data that Whatsapp has on them. There is also no way for the developers or anyone else to track your movements like in WhatsApp Messenger which keeps a record of your last seen location and every time you open/close chat window.)

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